Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Final Call Track Record

2 Days Till Iowa. Later Today I will Release my Final Call for Iowa Democrats and Tomorrow for the Republicans. I have been Predicting elections since 2003 (The California Recall, I live there) in reports, I think you should Know my track record. Here it is:

2003 Recall Election (100% Accuracy)
Final Call
Predicted Winner: Schwarzenegger
Predicted Vote on the recall: 52% yes 48% No
Winner: Schwarzenegger
Vote on Recall: 55% Yes 45% No

2004 Election (89.5%)
Final Call
Electoral Vote Prediction: 301 Kerry 232 Bush 5 Undecided
Senate: 53 Republican 46 Democrat 1 Left wing Independent (Jim Jeffords)
Actual Results
Electoral Vote: 286 Bush 252 Kerry
States Missed: Florida (27), Iowa (7), New Mexico (5), Ohio (20), Wisconsin (10),West Virginia (5) (Said Undecided)
Senate: 55 Rep, 44 Dem, 1 Ind
States Missed: Florida, South Deccoda

2006 Midterms ( 99%)
Final Call
Senate: 50 Dem 48 Rep 2 Ind
House : 237 Dem 198 Rep
Governors: 29 Dem 21 Rep
Senate: 49 Dem 49 Rep 2 Ind
State Missed: Tennessee
House: 233 Dem 202 Rep
Not Predicted on District by district Basis
Governors: 28 Dem 22 Rep
State Missed: Minnesota

Over all Accuracy Rate: 97.97%

In my 5 years I have Never Missed an election by more than 3 points. the ones I miss I don't miss by much
I am about to post my predictions for my 693ed Election. I am Extremely accurate. My winners will Likely be the winners of the caucuses in 2 days.

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