Thursday, January 3, 2008

Democratic Iowa Cacus results

the 2008 primary season has begun. Here are the results with 100% reporting:

X-Obama 38%
Edwards 30%
Clinton 29%
Richardson 2%
Biden 1%
Dodd 0%
Kucinich -
Gravel -

My predictions were flawless in the placing of the candidates.

The race just got a little lonelier. Joe Biden and Chris Dodd both have dropped out of the race. Who does this benefit? Obama. his polocy positions line up with these 2. Obama was the clear winner today. watching his speech I sensed a Robert Kennedy feel to him. speaking as a democrat that's what we want in a candidate. He has a huge advantage going into New Hampshire. He will be the leader by tomorrow morning He has all but sealed the nomination with his victory today. Expect Richardson to stick around to super Tuesday then drop out to run for the senate in New Mexico. Here are my new rankings excluding Kucinich and Gravel:

1. Barok Obama
---2ed Tier---
2. Hillary Clinton
3.John Edwards
---3ed Tier---
4. Bill Richardson

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