Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Strangest day since I've ever seen in Politics

7 Days to South Carolina . Today has been the strangest day I've ever seen:

Lets start with the Republican Nevada Results:
Romney 51% (18 Delegates)
Paul 14% (4)
McCain 13% (4)
Huckabee 8% (2)
Thompson (2)
Guliani 4% (1)
Hunter 2% (0)

This race was predicted to be close by anyone who Analyzed it. Ron Paul was not going to be in second. Guliani was going to be 3ed or 4th not 6th. I'm Amazed at these results. This was a clear Victory for Romney. After Nevada the Delegate count was:
Romney 67
Huckabee 20
McCain 19
Thompson 8
Paul 6
Guliani 1
Hunter 1
After this insanity Duncan Hunter announced his withdrawal from the race. He is a third tier candidate. Typically they drop out much later. He had no shot at the nomination

As all of this was going on we got the democratic results:
Clinton 51% (12)
Obama 46% (13)
Edwards 4% (0)

First off Edwards was in there until today. he polled at 27% but only got 4% of the vote. Second Obama lost the popular by 6% witch was a bigger margin than us pendents anticipated. some of us (like me) were even calling on him to win. Third Even though Obama lost he won. that is not a typo Obama won 13 Delegates Clinton won 12. It is rare that that happens to the winner. In My Book Obama and Clinton both won. Edwards did not drop out after his third place showing. He may be waiting to Convention day to hand pick the democratic Nominee. Under this scenario the Nominee would Presumably be Obama, but you never know. If Edwards is planning this Clinton (presumably) would have to reach 50%+1 of the delegates to win the nomination witch is a lot harder in a 3 way race.
The Count stands :
Obama 38
Clinton 36
Edwards 18
The records are (w-l-t)
Obama 2-0-1
Clinton 1-1-1
Edwards 0-3-0
Here are my Rankings:
---2ed Tier---

Next came The Republican South Carolina. Right after polls closed Fred Thompson Gave a sounding like he was dropping out but ended it staying neutral. Then these results Came in:
McCain 33% (19)
Huckabee 30% (5)
Thompson 16%
Romney 15%
Paul 4%
Guliani 2%
McCain some how turned a losses in Michigan and Nevada (two states he had a lot riding on) into a win in South Carolina. Guliani Finished last Not just once but twice. Guliani Will have trouble winning big states after these Performances. I'm Expecting Thompson to Drop out soon.
Here is the Delegate count that stands
Romney 67
McCain 38
Huckabee 25
Thompson 8
Guliani 1
Undecided 1
My Rankings:
---2ed Tier---
---3ed Tier---

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