Monday, May 26, 2008

Libertarian convention

Bob Barr has won the libertarian over Mike Gravel. What relevance does this have, you ask?
Bob Barr will not win in November plain and simple but there is one thing he can do in November: help Obama out in the south. Here is my estimation of the % of votes he needs in each state to Potentially make Obama win or be extremely competitive(*- Obama leads in the state):
KY 23%
TN 27%
AR 24%
LA 9%
MS 12%
AL 16%
GA 13%
FL 3%
TX 6%
SC 2%
NC 5%
VA* 1%
WV 18%
OK 20%
IN* 1%

These numbers are only Obtainable in six states TX, FL, SC, NC,VA &IN

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