Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Barr Effect Revised

I made Estimates a while ago on what Bob Barr would need to get to help Obama in the south. these numbers are in flux so here they are as of today. In parentheses is the percentage he is getting right now. (*-Obama is in the Lead):
AL- 23% (6%)
AR-17% (8%)
FL*-1% (N/A)
GA- 7% (6%)
IN*-1% (N/A)
KY-12% (N/A)
LA- 9% (3%)
MS- 9% (3%)
MO*-1% (N/A)
NC1- 6% (4%)
OK- Denied Ballot Access
SC- 6% (N/A)
TN- 16% (N/A)
TX- 13% (N/A)
VA*- 1% (N/A)
WV- 21% (13%
1-in my Estimation Obama is Taking North Carolina, But no polls indicate that yet.
Watch these Numbers.

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