Wednesday, July 4, 2007

2008 senate race ratings

Toss up (3Republicans 0Democrats)
Minnesota (Coleman v. Frankin) Coleman leads in polls 46-36 but the money race is tight.
Georgia ( Cambliss *) Cambliss fends off Dems in polls as close as42-40
Kentucky (Mcconell v. Chandler)Mcconell leads in one poll 45-44 while in another chandler leads 55-42.
Lean Republican (2Rep 0Dem)
North Carolina (Dole*) In polls Dole fends off Dems by about 10%
Organ (Smith*) In polls he looses to DeFazo the dems strongest candidate 42-38 but he dose not have strong opposition unless Wu of the 2ed district steps in
Leans Democratic (1 Dem 0 Rep)
Montana (Bacus*) In polls he wins 48-44 But he has a strong 73% approval
Republican Favored (2 Rep 0 Dem )
Texas (Cornyn*) In polls he is up 48-37 and in Gov. race the Dem only lost by 9%
Maine (Collins v. Allen) Chafee also a Moderate republican with a high Approval Rating lost 53-47 in RI But Collins Leads In polls 59-30
Democrats Favored (1 Dem 1 Rep)
Colorado (Allard retired) (Udall v. Schafer)
Allared retired in January. Udall stepped in and all the strong potential Republican cantidates have announced they wont run . the front runner for the republicans is unheard of in the world of politics and has little to no chance. on top of that CO has been trending Democratic electing a democratic Sen in 2004, Gov in 2006 and a 5-4 US House majority
Louisiana (landrieu*) Although some blame Katrina on her she can blame it on the republican administration. Her only strong opposition is Jindal who will probably be elected as Governor she leads in polls against candidates by at least 15%
Strong (but not yet safe) Democratic (2 Dem 1Rep)
New Hampshire (Sununu v. Shaheen)
in polls Shaheen leads 57-29 NO incumbent has ever come back from a gap that big
Arkansas (Pryor*) He Has a High approval rating but only won by 8 % in 2002
South Decoda (Johnson*) if he runs witch he probably will he will win. he has a 72% approval rating.
Not enough Info to rate (5 Rep
0 Dem)
Virginia( Warner*)- mark warner may run and if sen. john warner retires he will win but if he does not john warner has the seat
(Alexander*)- If Harold Ford
Runs this Race becomes a toss up If not Alexander Is most likely Safe
New Mexico (Dominci*) it is unclear how the us attorney firings will effect his reelection bid
Oaklahoma (Inhoffe*) He dennied global warming. He is probably safe but there have been no polls so far.
Wyoming B seat ( Barrosa*) He was appointed to fill creig thomas' seat recently it is unclear how he will be viewed.
Every one else is safe ( 35Rep seats and 47 Dem seats)
not yet opposed
safe strong Favored lean toss up 3 No Info 5
47 50 52 53 democratic seats
35 35 37 39 republican seats