Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vast Water Primary results

Obama and McCain Swept yesterday. they have the nominations projected in their favor. these are the maps.
My guess would be that the new McCain thing will blow over within a few days but I could be wrong.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Vast Water Primary Final Call and first electoral vote Ratings

1 Day till the vast water Primary. Here is my final Call
Obama 54%
Clinton 45%

McCain 51%
Huckabee 40%
Paul 9%
Obama 77%
Clinton 23%
Huckabee 36%
McCain 34%
Paul 26%
Romney Ore 4%

I am also Rating this election for the first time. Here is the electoral map (Assuming Obama & McCain win the nominations as projected):The darkest red represents safe GOP as does the darkest blue for Democrats. the median colors represent Favored and the purple and the light blue represent Lean. Green represents tossups. Obama has an advantage over McCain. My numbers are :
Obama 158
McCain 78
Obama 217
McCain 156
Obama 243
McCain 180
Tossup 115

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Republican resultss & New Ratings (Governors and Senate)

AP delegate count
X-McCain 903
Huckabee 245
Paul 16
Romney Ore 253

John McCain won 50 delegates today from Michigan and Louisiana.


all has been quiet for the last month or so. Al Frankin has taken the lead in the Minn. race while Organ continues to flirt with being a seriously contested race. Georgia has been lost for the democrats. here are my new Ratings
Safe Dem (50D,3R)

Lean Dem (2R,0D)
Tossup (3R, 1D)
MS (Wicker)
Lean Rep (4R, 0D)

Safe Rep (37R, 0D)

Blunt will retire in MO witch all but assures democratic victory Indiana has become more competitive than previously thought. Here are my ratings
Safe Dem (27D,1R)
Lean Dem (0)
Tossup (1D, 1R)
Lean Rep(0)
Safe Rep (20R,0D)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Barack Obama: projected winner of the democratic primary

Barack Obama is the projected winner of the Democratic Nomination. He affirmed this on 2/12/08 with a sweep of the Chesipeak Primaries. The delegate count on that day was:
Obama 1096
Clinton 977
Edwards 26

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chesipeak Results and A Projection

Obama Swept the Chesipeak witch means he has won 8 in a row by over 20 points. Here are the results
Obama 75%
Clinton 24%
Obama 60%
Clinton 37%
Obama 64%
Clinton 35%
My delegate count is
X-Obama 1096
Clinton 977
And with that and the out look of upcomig contest a Clinton comeback is all but imposable and so I am projecting that Barack Obama will be the democratic nominee.

For the gop McCain swept. He won handedly in DC (68-17) MD (55-29) ad by a smaller margin in VA (50-41):My delegate count is:
X-McCain 801 (1057 if Romney gives him his delegates)
Romney Ore 256
Huckabee 214 (470)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Editorial: the 10 Best politicians in america 2006-2007

Who are the 10 best politicians in America and why? What have they done to Improve our nation? What disasters have they rejected or tried to reject? I compiled this week My 2 Year tracking on this, this week and came up with these results:
1. Barney Frank
Voting Record: 99% Office: House (D-MA-4) Previous Rank:2
The Greatest politician of our times is for the first time ever #1. Barney Franks voting record is the best in any office bar none. I had just one disagreement with Mr. Frank and that was his support for Hillary Clinton. He has been vocal on every key issue and has stood up for American and human rights. He has Faught for such issues as: the war, Global warming, Health care, Gun control, Civil rights, Gay rights, Constitutional rights and Immigration. He is all but perfect.
2. Russ Fiengold
Voting record: 94% Office: Senator (D-WI) Previous Ranking: 4
Russ Fiengold may not have the highest approval rating and does not hold the highest voting record in the senate (that is a tie between Reed (D-RI) and Durbin (D-IL)), but Fiengold has something no one else has: he was right on virtually every big issue even when no one else was. He was right on the PATRIOT act when no one else in the senate was, he was right on the war when the majority of his own party supported it, he did not vote for Ashcroft or rice or Virtually any other crony the bush admin. has appointed. He has also been the most vocal and has the longest tenure Speaking out against this admin.'s raid on the constitution. that is why he is #2
3. Barack Obama
Voting Record: 97% Office: Senator (D:IL) Previous Ranking: 6
Barack Obama has a quality that we have not seen since the assassination of RFK in 1968. He inspires hope and has been right on nearly every thing. Obama is the personification of all that we lost on June 6th 1968. He has the right vision and right path for America. if elected he will doubtlessly be #1 in 2008
4. Robert Kennedy JR.
Voting Record: N/A Office: Prospective AG or sec of EPA Previous Rank: 1
RFK jr. holds many of the qualities his father did and if he had a voting record it would be near 100%. the reason he dropped is because of the commercials he did (witch Hillary Clinton
scripted) that compared her to his late father. this offended me in many ways. how ever his vocal lead on issues from global warming to the war to Bush's corruption gives him an all but life time spot on this list. ( I have much more respect for the Frank Endorsement)
5. Lincoln Chafee
Voting Record: 82% Office: Former Senator (R-RI) Previous Rank: 3
Many of you May ask "Why a republican, this is a liberal site isn't it?" but Chafee was the only republican that did not go along with this disaster we all a presidency. He Stood up and said "you are wrong mr. president and I will not be a part of this". He was (aside from Maybe Fiengold) the senates most vocal critic of bush.
6. Dick Durbin (D-IL)
V.R.: 98% Off. : Sen. (D-IL) Previous Rank:5
6. Jack Reed
V.R.: 98% Off. Sen. (D-RI) previous Rank: 7
8. Ellanor Holmes Norton
V.R.: 92% Off. Non voting Rep (D-DC) Previous Rank: N/A
9.Barbra Boxer
V.R.: 96% Off. Sen (D-CA) Previous Rank: N/A
10.Carl Levin
V.R. 97% Off. Sen (D-MI) Previous Rank: 9

---Off the list---
Nancy Pelosi #8 now 12
Arnold Schwartzenegger # 10 now 22

chesipeak final call

1 day to the Chesipeak or Potomic. I am calling the primaries:
Obama 77%
Clinton 18%
McCain 36%
Paul 33%
Huckabee 27%
Romney ore 3%

Obama 61%
Clinton 39%
McCain 56%
Huckabee 18%
Paul 12%

Obama 64%
Clinton 36%
McCain 45%
Huckabee 38%
Paul 14%

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Maine results (Democrats)

Obama Won handedly in Maine today.Here are the results:
Obama 59% (15)
Clinton 41% (9)
This puts Obama on his 4th (5th if the virgin Islands Count) win in a row. He is going into the Chesipeak heavily favored and with the momentum. In polls he leads in Maryland 57-31%, In Virginia 59-39% and in DC 61-32%. He should have no trouble breezing into mini-tuesday and it's hard to see Hillary win after 9-10 straight losses. My new delegate count is:
Obama 979 (1054)
Clinton 922 (1030)

Corn and seafood primary results (Republicans)

Here are the results I have from the republican race yesterday

Huckabee 43%
McCain 42%
Romney's ore 6%
Paul 5%
Huckabee 60%
McCain 24%
Paul 11%
Romney's ore 3%
McCain 26%
Hukabee 24%
Paul 21%
Romney ore 17%

It's really Embarassing that McCain lost 2 primary's and won 1 when 74% of republicans did not vote for him after he has all but won the nomination. It is also amazing that Romney won 17% of the vote in washington and beat a major candidate in Kansas after dropping out. If the republicans loose this one he will surely run in 2012.Huckabee is going to win more than I anticipated, he could even win the vast majority of primary's from here on out but that won't change the result. I do not have a delegate count for republicans.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Corn and seafood primary results (Democrats)

Today three states voted today. all voted for Obama in large numbers. Here were the results:
Obama 68%
Clinton 31%
Obama 68%
Clinton 32%
Obama 57%
Clinton 36%
Virgin Islands
Obama 92%
Clinton 8%

In no primary did Hillary win more than 40% of the vote. she lost 3 and if she continues to loose the Maine, Chesipeak, and Vast Water primaries it's hard to see her winning Ohio and Texas.

Maine Final call
Obama 55%
Clinton 42%

Here is my delegate count (the total with super delegates(just elected officials))
Obama 964 (1039)
Clinton 913 (1021)

Editorial: Water Boarding

Dear Mr. President,
Just 3 US prisoners have ever been water boarded. the Idea that it is stander practice is unfounded, but the Idea that it is torture is not.

In 1789 the founding fathers composed a holly document, In this document it stated that the us will not Submit it's prisoners to cruel, unusual, or inhuman practices thus banning torture. this method is all three off those, and those who say it should be standard practice are the opposite of patriotic. This should mean the presidents Impeachment. The very practice is soil on the bill of rights.

There are those that say "what if we have one hour till a bomb goes off in a big city and we have the terrorist who planned it". In that situation that the terrorist is likely to give untrue info. What if he doesn't care he's going to die? What if he doesn't care he is being tortured?

Even if we get into a situation where we must torture to save 500,000-10,000,000 lives there is already a practice that is supposed to be used things like that. It is called a pardon.

Do not insult my knowledge, my integrity, my people or my bill of rights by saying torture is "just the old American way".

Spencer Lindsay

Friday, February 8, 2008

Republican Final Call and Other News

I am retracting my New Mexico Primary Projection, because of 17,000 ballots that have yet to be counted. college educated democrats favor Obama and tend to vote later (When the ballots ran out). Obama is now Favored in my opinion to win New Mexico. Here is the new map. Blue for Obama. Red for Clinton. Green for Undetermind
I am Making My Final Call For the caucuses on Saturday: Green for Huckabee Blue For McCain:
Huckabee 62%
McCain 33%
Paul 5%
McCain 51%
Huckabee 48%
Paul 1%
McCain 48%
Huckabee 40%
Paul 12%

In Other News as we all know Mitt Romney Dropped out of the race on Thursday. He all but confirmed his delegates would go to McCain witch would Make the count:
X-McCain 976
Huckabee 196
Paul 14
In My opinion Romney was the worst candidate for president and I am glad to see him drop out. I am Going to wright my second editorial on water boarding and post it the same day as the "seafood/ Midwest Primary" results I've named the next few Primaries
2/9 Seafood/ Widwest
2/10 Maine
2/12 Chesipeak
2/19 vast water
3/4 Mini tuesday

Democrats 2/9/08 Final Call

Here is my Final Call Map for 2/9/08:

I am Predicting Obama in all three primaries:
Obama 54%
Clinton 42%
Obama 62%
Clinton 37%
Obama 59%
Clinton 40%

Democrats Super Tuesday

These are the results thus far. Blue is for Obama. Red is for Clinton. Green is for Stripped of delegates.

Tuesday was Indecisive for the democrats.

New Mexico appears to have gone for Clinton, but could change. she leads 49%-48% or by 1100 votes. there is just one polling spot left to report and it's in the second congressional district witch is breaking for Clinton 55%-41%, But it is a large district and Obama could maybe still pull it off. For the moment at least I am calling New Mexico for Hillary Clinton.

The currant delegate count is: Obama 861 Clinton 856*. The next two weeks favor Obama in every single primary. if Hillary can not pull off a win in the next two weeks it's hard to see her wining Texas and/or Ohio on March 4th. Obama has won all but 2* caucus states. Maine, Louisiana and Nebraska are all Caucus states. He leads by just 5 delegates*, but that should jump with wins in the next two weeks. Here are the Democratic Primaries till Mini Tuesday:
2/9 LA, WA, NE
2/10 ME
2/12 DC, MD, VA
2/19 WI, HI
There is talk of Michigan and Florida getting another primary but if they do it won't be till June. My Final Call accuracy rate for democrats is: 86% and over all is 80%
*-assuming Hillary has won New Mexico

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday Results (Republicans)

Yesterday was super Tuesday. These are the results of all primaries thus far. Though it appears Mike Huckabee (who this blog endorsed for the Republicans) is surging it appears to be limited to the south. I am not retracting my projection for McCain's nomination.

Things look bleak for Mitt Romney who lost California, Missouri, Georgia, West Virginia and the north east. He will probably drop out soon.

I Was very wrong in my predictions. I missed 7 Races for the republicans ( though my calls are accurate for the democrats.) This just goes to show how hard it is to predict a 3 way race. My currant accuracy rate is for Republicans just 71.4% and overall (without New Mexico for Dem's): 80%. I won't post My democrats post till NM is called. Here is My delegate count:
X-McCain 720
Romney 256
Huckabee 194
Paul 14

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Tuesday Final Call Democrats

This is My Predicted map for Tuesday Blue for Obama Red For Clinton
Alabama: Obama by 5-10%
Alaska: Obama 20+
Arizona: Clinton 2-5
Arkansas: Clinton 20+
California: Obama 3-6
Colorado: Obama 5-10
Conn. : Obama 1-5
Del. : Obama 1-5
Georgia: Obama 20+
Idaho: Obama 5-15
Illinois: Obama 20+
Kansas Obama 5-10
Mass. : Clinton 0-7
Minn. : Obama 5-10
Missouri: Obama 0-4
New Jersey: Clinton 0-3
New Mexico: Obama 5-10
New York: Clinton 20+
North Dec.: Obama 10-20
Oklahoma: Clinton 20+
Tennessee: Clinton 20+
Utah: Obama 20+

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Republican Super Tuesday Final Call

This is My Final call for super Tuesday republicans.
Alabama: McCain
Alaska: McCain
Arkansas: Huckabee
California: McCain
Colorado: Romney
Conn. : McCain
Del. : McCain
Georgia: McCain
Illinois: McCain
Mass. : Romney
Minn: McCain
Misouri: McCain
Montana: Huckabee
New Jersey: McCain
New York: McCain
North Deccoda: McCain
Oklahoma: McCain
Tenn. :McCain
Utah: Romney
W. Virginia: McCain
McCain has won the Republican nomination already and this is why.

Maine results

I have a map of the results so far: Red for Romney, Green for Huckabee, Blue for McCain

Today Maine is ending it's caucuses we now have the results:
Romney 52% (18)
McCain 21% (0)
Paul 19%
Huckabee 6%
So what does this mean in terms of momentum: Absolutely nothing. Romney gets a few delegates but like Nevada, Wyoming and now Maine it has no effect on Tuesday or the rest of the Primaries. Here is the delegate count:

X-McCain 95
Romney 85
Huckabee 28
Paul 6

Saturday, February 2, 2008

the first Final Calls Democrats

These are My early (and Easy) Final Calls.
Obama 57%
Clinton 25%
Gravel 18%
Clinton 61%
Obama 39%
Obama 63%
Clinton 36%
Gravel 1%
Obama 58%
Clinton 42%
New York
Clinton 60%
Obama 40%
Clinton 66%
Obama 27%
Edwards 7%
Clinton 64%
Obama 32%
Edwards 3%
Gravel 1%

Editorial: Endordments

I am making today in my 1st editorial my enorsements today for Lindsay Politics 101.

For the Democrats I endorse Barack Obama. His positions are all but perfect. His Senate voting record is 95% to my opinions 6th in the US senate. He shares many positions and parallels to the great Robert Kennedy. He is the guiding spirit of change in the US. He has 11 years of the right experience. He has been against an unneeded war from day 1 witch has killed 1.2 million Iraqis. He has presented his ability to lead, to unite and to present Kennedy-esq charismatic speeches to the halls of congress. I wrote a blog for when I endorsed him there that I would like to share with you at this link :

He is simply the greatest candidate since RFK in 1968. He presents the oppurtunity we lost on June 6th if that year. He can re-create the American dream.

For the Republicans I endorse Mike Huckabee. He is not as whacked as the rest. He will do something about Health Care, The enviornment, The Economy and other needed Issues.If not for his religious impacted positions he would be a perfect candidate.

If you are in an open primary state I say vote Obama.