Saturday, May 24, 2008

OR, KY Primary Results, Editorial: The Kennedy Family

OR & KY split as expected here are the results:
Obama 58%
Clinton 42%
Clinton 64%
Obama 30%
Obama has now clinched the pledged delegate lead and at the moment is the presumptive nominee. He will now be listed in bold.

What family has served this nation better than the Kennedy's? What family has sacrificed more for their country than the Kennedy's? who has put themselves in more danger to serve their people than the Kennedy's ? what family has dreamed a better dream than the Kennedy's ?

Over the years three of Joe's four sons have died serving this great nation. Joe Jr. was killed in WWII when his plane was shot down, John Was Murdered as president of the united states, Robert was shot trying to become president. You all know all of this already I'm Sure.

Yesterday I feel Hilary Clinton, in the sickest display yet of her campaign exploited these tragedies for political gain. That is quiet possibly the greatest sin any politician can commit, exploiting someones personal tragedies for political gain. Invoking the RFK assassination into this race is dangerous by any means. Not just Dangerous politically but personally dangerous to any candidate in the race. There is a silent fear to all good Americans that one of these candidates could be assassinated the way RFK was, That the for the same reason that RFK was Murdered in cold blood their candidate or either off the others may face the same fate. and why was RFK killed? to kill the dream that he had, to kill the hope that all Kennedy supporters had of a better America likely for the election of one Richard Nixon. Had RFK survived we would almost positively not be in this place right now. any one who Identifies them self with Robert Kennedy as I do (I call My self a "Robert Kennedy Democrat") should be appalled. any one who has ever seen that dream or any dream quite literally shot dead should be Angry. any one who has ever studied any political assassination in the slightest detail should be sickened, and any one who has heard the now days old news about his last surviving brother should be outraged to say the least.

Ted is now faced with life threatening Cancer. We are faced with the possible tragedy of not just loosing a great man of loosing the dream he had along side his Brothers. needless to say I wish his recovery and wish him all the luck in the world as he goes through this tough road ahead. That being said We Can not let his dream die regardless of his survival. The only tragedy greater than loosing the man is loosing the dream with the man. I was not alive when Either of his brothers were murdered, my age group only knows this dream through him and a few other Kennedy-esq politicians. we need to ensure that the dream will not die with the man, weather he dies today or 40 years from now. Get well, Ted, God Speed.

I will release my ratings as promised on all four fronts as soon as I finish rating the house.

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