Saturday, May 31, 2008

Breaking News- Florida To Get 1/2 votes at Convention

Today the rules and bylaws comity are meeting in Washington DC. Right now they are on their lunch break and will resume at 4:15 EST / 1:15 PST in about 30 minuets. Both Campaigns have agreed that Florida delegates will get 1/2 of their vote making the count from Florida:
Clinton 52.5
Obama 33.5
Though they have not yet officially voted it is highly expected that the RBC of the DNC will agree to this compromise. that makes the new national delegate count:
Obama 2018
Clinton 1836
the new Magic number (Until they Resolve Michigan in 1-2 hours) is 2069. There are 7 proposals for Michigan
#1- Count the vote as is
Clinton 73
Uncommitted 55
#2- Split the Votes 50-50
Clinton 64
Obama 64
#3- Compromise Between #1 & #2
Clinton 69
Obama 59
#4- Count the Votes whole but give uncommitted to Obama
Clinton 73
Obama 55
#5- Give Michigan 1/2 the vote as is
Clinton 36.5
Uncommitted 27.5
#6- Give Michigan 1/2 the vote with Uncommitted going to Obama
Clinton 36.5
Obama 27.5
#7- Don't Count the Vote at all
Clinton 0
Obama 0

Clinton Supporters are saying the Uncommitted vote is likely to go to Obama. I don't think Obama Supporters will buy it.

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