Sunday, January 27, 2008

Florid Final Call and Democrats Super Tuesday

Mitt Romney has a bit of momentum going into Florida despite Charlie Christ's endorsement of McCain. Who ever wins Florida will Likely go on to win the nomination, that is if (and a BIG if) there is a clear winner. Here are the polls:
McCain 29.8%
Romney 28.6%
Giuliani 15.2%
Huckabee 9.8%
Paul 4.2%
Here is my Final Call:
Romney 32%
McCain 30%
Guliani 16%
Huckabee 15%
Paul 7%

For the Democrats Obama today added to his momentum with the endorsement of the Kennedy Family. He has also demonstrated his power his momentum in states like Colorado (Obama up by 2(a couple days ago)-10(today)) Alabama (Obama by 1-7) California (Clinton by 12-2) But also in states like New Jersey (Clinton 18-4 and all over the rest of the US (Clinton by 6- Obama by 3) I am Updating the ratings accordingly.

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