Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obama Wins Big in South Carolina and takes the lead in national polls

2 Days till Florida. Yesterday was the South Carolina Democratic Primary Here are the Results:
Obama 55%
Clinton 26%
Edwards 19%
Obama is going into super Tuesday with a 29%. Caroline Kennedy has endorsed Obama. We are looking at a Super Tuesday with just 6 positive leaders out of 22 states. Obama has a chance to lock the nomination if he wins states like Georgia, Alabama, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Kansas ect. Hillary is now in a position where she potentally must win 50%+1 of the delegates to win the nomination. This is due to the (now true) Edwards King-maker Strategy in witch he stays in the race to draw as many delegates as he can and then give them to the candidate of his choice. Obama has according to an AOL poll taken the lead in the national numbers (The real polling companies are a 2-3 Days behind). Here are the results of that poll as of now:
Obama 40%
Clinton 37%
Edwards 16%
Undecided 7%
I have added to the side Super Tuesday ratings for the democrats. I will add republican ratings after Florida. The numbers though are misleading. Obama should get a pretty large jump from this 29 point victory. He should in the next few days sucure some that are now leaning, make some tossups lean to him and move some states from the "Leaning (or Even safe) Clinton" Rating to the tossup rating.

I have new Polls for the Republicans from Florida:
Romney 27.6%
McCain 26.6%
Guliani 17.6%
Huckabee 15.2%
Paul 3.8%
What was once a four way tie has turned into the decider of a two man Race. The winner will likely be the noninee. Here are my rankings:
---2ed Tier---
2. Clinton
---3ed Tier---
--2ed Tier---
---3ed tier---
5. Paul

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