Friday, January 25, 2008

South Carolina and other news

South Carolina is tomorrow. since I wrote my last post there has been big news.

Thompson was the first major candidate to drop out. his votes will be split between Huckabee and Romney. this is about 11% of the electorate. It helps Romney in Florida where he is approximately tied . Here are my averages:
Romney 24.6%
McCain 24.4%
Guliani 18.2%
Huckabee 15.2%
Paul 4.4%

Here are my Rankings:
--2ed Tier--
---3ed Tier---

Kucinich Dropped out witch is no big deal. his 1% goes to Obama. My Final call for South Carolina is:
Obama 46%
Clinton 28%
Edwards 26%
I will have rankings tomorrow. The C-span/ Zogby poll says Obama by 13.

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