Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Projection on the Repubican nomination as 2 Major Candidates Drop Out

6 Days Till Super Tuesday.
Florida was last night and here were the results:
McCain 36%
Romney 31%
Guliani 15%
Huckabee 13%
Paul 3%

With These Results I can now Project that John McCain Has won The Republican nomination

John McCain: Projected Victor of the Republican Nomination

And Because of this projection I will not rate super Tuesday For The Republicans:
The Delegate Count is:
X-John McCain 95
Mitt Romney 67
Huckabee 26
Paul 4
Yet To Be Decided 10

The Other Big Stories are the 2 Drop outs. Both Rudy Guliani and John Edwards have Droped out of the Race. Guliani Has Endorsed (the new nominee apparently) John McCain. Edwards has yet to throw his support (and his 26 Delgates) to his Candidate ( Most Likely Obama). Edwards Supporters according to exit polls will break 60-40 for Obama. This could mean a big jump. Also Electability may come in to play (now that McCain is The Nominee) witch also favors Obama.

Here is my Map for the Democrats. Dark Red represents Safe Clinton, light Red for lean Clinton, Dark Blue for Safe Obama Light Blue for lean Obama, Purple for Tossups:

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