Friday, January 4, 2008

Wyoming and New Hampshire thoughts

4 Days to New Hampshire, 1 to Wyoming. People are now beginning to say what I have known for 2 months. Obama is the front runner to win the democratic nomination. Hillary will probably loose in New Hampshire now that Obama has won Iowa. Unless Obama does something monumentally stupid between now and February 5th he will win the nomination. Here are my rankings:

---2ed Tier---
3. Edwards
---3ed Tier---

No one Knows what's going to happen tomorrow in Wyoming. Huckabee, Guliani, and Ron Paul haven't even been there yet. Here is my rough guess (Note: this is not a final call and not scientific at all I could be entirely wrong , there is no data coming from Wyoming.)
1. Huckabee 2. Thompson 3.Romney 4. Paul 5. McCain 6. Guliani. I have no clue what's going on. Here are My Standings:
1. Huckabee
3. McCain
---2ed Tier---
4. Guliani
5. Thompson
---3ed Tier---
6. Paul
I'll do Results and the senate tomorrow

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