Monday, February 18, 2008

Vast Water Primary Final Call and first electoral vote Ratings

1 Day till the vast water Primary. Here is my final Call
Obama 54%
Clinton 45%

McCain 51%
Huckabee 40%
Paul 9%
Obama 77%
Clinton 23%
Huckabee 36%
McCain 34%
Paul 26%
Romney Ore 4%

I am also Rating this election for the first time. Here is the electoral map (Assuming Obama & McCain win the nominations as projected):The darkest red represents safe GOP as does the darkest blue for Democrats. the median colors represent Favored and the purple and the light blue represent Lean. Green represents tossups. Obama has an advantage over McCain. My numbers are :
Obama 158
McCain 78
Obama 217
McCain 156
Obama 243
McCain 180
Tossup 115

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