Saturday, February 9, 2008

Editorial: Water Boarding

Dear Mr. President,
Just 3 US prisoners have ever been water boarded. the Idea that it is stander practice is unfounded, but the Idea that it is torture is not.

In 1789 the founding fathers composed a holly document, In this document it stated that the us will not Submit it's prisoners to cruel, unusual, or inhuman practices thus banning torture. this method is all three off those, and those who say it should be standard practice are the opposite of patriotic. This should mean the presidents Impeachment. The very practice is soil on the bill of rights.

There are those that say "what if we have one hour till a bomb goes off in a big city and we have the terrorist who planned it". In that situation that the terrorist is likely to give untrue info. What if he doesn't care he's going to die? What if he doesn't care he is being tortured?

Even if we get into a situation where we must torture to save 500,000-10,000,000 lives there is already a practice that is supposed to be used things like that. It is called a pardon.

Do not insult my knowledge, my integrity, my people or my bill of rights by saying torture is "just the old American way".

Spencer Lindsay

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