Sunday, February 10, 2008

Corn and seafood primary results (Republicans)

Here are the results I have from the republican race yesterday

Huckabee 43%
McCain 42%
Romney's ore 6%
Paul 5%
Huckabee 60%
McCain 24%
Paul 11%
Romney's ore 3%
McCain 26%
Hukabee 24%
Paul 21%
Romney ore 17%

It's really Embarassing that McCain lost 2 primary's and won 1 when 74% of republicans did not vote for him after he has all but won the nomination. It is also amazing that Romney won 17% of the vote in washington and beat a major candidate in Kansas after dropping out. If the republicans loose this one he will surely run in 2012.Huckabee is going to win more than I anticipated, he could even win the vast majority of primary's from here on out but that won't change the result. I do not have a delegate count for republicans.

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