Friday, February 8, 2008

Democrats Super Tuesday

These are the results thus far. Blue is for Obama. Red is for Clinton. Green is for Stripped of delegates.

Tuesday was Indecisive for the democrats.

New Mexico appears to have gone for Clinton, but could change. she leads 49%-48% or by 1100 votes. there is just one polling spot left to report and it's in the second congressional district witch is breaking for Clinton 55%-41%, But it is a large district and Obama could maybe still pull it off. For the moment at least I am calling New Mexico for Hillary Clinton.

The currant delegate count is: Obama 861 Clinton 856*. The next two weeks favor Obama in every single primary. if Hillary can not pull off a win in the next two weeks it's hard to see her wining Texas and/or Ohio on March 4th. Obama has won all but 2* caucus states. Maine, Louisiana and Nebraska are all Caucus states. He leads by just 5 delegates*, but that should jump with wins in the next two weeks. Here are the Democratic Primaries till Mini Tuesday:
2/9 LA, WA, NE
2/10 ME
2/12 DC, MD, VA
2/19 WI, HI
There is talk of Michigan and Florida getting another primary but if they do it won't be till June. My Final Call accuracy rate for democrats is: 86% and over all is 80%
*-assuming Hillary has won New Mexico

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