Monday, February 11, 2008

Editorial: the 10 Best politicians in america 2006-2007

Who are the 10 best politicians in America and why? What have they done to Improve our nation? What disasters have they rejected or tried to reject? I compiled this week My 2 Year tracking on this, this week and came up with these results:
1. Barney Frank
Voting Record: 99% Office: House (D-MA-4) Previous Rank:2
The Greatest politician of our times is for the first time ever #1. Barney Franks voting record is the best in any office bar none. I had just one disagreement with Mr. Frank and that was his support for Hillary Clinton. He has been vocal on every key issue and has stood up for American and human rights. He has Faught for such issues as: the war, Global warming, Health care, Gun control, Civil rights, Gay rights, Constitutional rights and Immigration. He is all but perfect.
2. Russ Fiengold
Voting record: 94% Office: Senator (D-WI) Previous Ranking: 4
Russ Fiengold may not have the highest approval rating and does not hold the highest voting record in the senate (that is a tie between Reed (D-RI) and Durbin (D-IL)), but Fiengold has something no one else has: he was right on virtually every big issue even when no one else was. He was right on the PATRIOT act when no one else in the senate was, he was right on the war when the majority of his own party supported it, he did not vote for Ashcroft or rice or Virtually any other crony the bush admin. has appointed. He has also been the most vocal and has the longest tenure Speaking out against this admin.'s raid on the constitution. that is why he is #2
3. Barack Obama
Voting Record: 97% Office: Senator (D:IL) Previous Ranking: 6
Barack Obama has a quality that we have not seen since the assassination of RFK in 1968. He inspires hope and has been right on nearly every thing. Obama is the personification of all that we lost on June 6th 1968. He has the right vision and right path for America. if elected he will doubtlessly be #1 in 2008
4. Robert Kennedy JR.
Voting Record: N/A Office: Prospective AG or sec of EPA Previous Rank: 1
RFK jr. holds many of the qualities his father did and if he had a voting record it would be near 100%. the reason he dropped is because of the commercials he did (witch Hillary Clinton
scripted) that compared her to his late father. this offended me in many ways. how ever his vocal lead on issues from global warming to the war to Bush's corruption gives him an all but life time spot on this list. ( I have much more respect for the Frank Endorsement)
5. Lincoln Chafee
Voting Record: 82% Office: Former Senator (R-RI) Previous Rank: 3
Many of you May ask "Why a republican, this is a liberal site isn't it?" but Chafee was the only republican that did not go along with this disaster we all a presidency. He Stood up and said "you are wrong mr. president and I will not be a part of this". He was (aside from Maybe Fiengold) the senates most vocal critic of bush.
6. Dick Durbin (D-IL)
V.R.: 98% Off. : Sen. (D-IL) Previous Rank:5
6. Jack Reed
V.R.: 98% Off. Sen. (D-RI) previous Rank: 7
8. Ellanor Holmes Norton
V.R.: 92% Off. Non voting Rep (D-DC) Previous Rank: N/A
9.Barbra Boxer
V.R.: 96% Off. Sen (D-CA) Previous Rank: N/A
10.Carl Levin
V.R. 97% Off. Sen (D-MI) Previous Rank: 9

---Off the list---
Nancy Pelosi #8 now 12
Arnold Schwartzenegger # 10 now 22

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