Friday, February 8, 2008

Republican Final Call and Other News

I am retracting my New Mexico Primary Projection, because of 17,000 ballots that have yet to be counted. college educated democrats favor Obama and tend to vote later (When the ballots ran out). Obama is now Favored in my opinion to win New Mexico. Here is the new map. Blue for Obama. Red for Clinton. Green for Undetermind
I am Making My Final Call For the caucuses on Saturday: Green for Huckabee Blue For McCain:
Huckabee 62%
McCain 33%
Paul 5%
McCain 51%
Huckabee 48%
Paul 1%
McCain 48%
Huckabee 40%
Paul 12%

In Other News as we all know Mitt Romney Dropped out of the race on Thursday. He all but confirmed his delegates would go to McCain witch would Make the count:
X-McCain 976
Huckabee 196
Paul 14
In My opinion Romney was the worst candidate for president and I am glad to see him drop out. I am Going to wright my second editorial on water boarding and post it the same day as the "seafood/ Midwest Primary" results I've named the next few Primaries
2/9 Seafood/ Widwest
2/10 Maine
2/12 Chesipeak
2/19 vast water
3/4 Mini tuesday

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