Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chesipeak Results and A Projection

Obama Swept the Chesipeak witch means he has won 8 in a row by over 20 points. Here are the results
Obama 75%
Clinton 24%
Obama 60%
Clinton 37%
Obama 64%
Clinton 35%
My delegate count is
X-Obama 1096
Clinton 977
And with that and the out look of upcomig contest a Clinton comeback is all but imposable and so I am projecting that Barack Obama will be the democratic nominee.

For the gop McCain swept. He won handedly in DC (68-17) MD (55-29) ad by a smaller margin in VA (50-41):My delegate count is:
X-McCain 801 (1057 if Romney gives him his delegates)
Romney Ore 256
Huckabee 214 (470)

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