Saturday, October 4, 2008

Senate: Ratings and Poll Check

Today I am rating Gov's, the senate and the presidency. I will only rate the house one more time before I put out a list of pickups shortly before election night. Here are my new Ratings:

Safe/Strong Dem (53):
LA: Landruie by 15
VA: Already Called
NM: Already Called

Lean Dem (57):
AK: Belsige by 5
CO: Udall By 6
NH: Shaheen by 7
NC: Hagan by 4

Tossup/Tilt Dem(59):
OR: Merlky By 2
MN: Franken by 0.3

Tossup Tilt GOP(41):
MS: Wicker by 2
GA: Chambliss by 2

Lean GOP (39):
KY: McConel by 4
TX: Cornyn by 7

Safe GOP (37):
All other GOP held seats

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