Friday, October 17, 2008

Senate Poll check And Ratings

There are 10 (soon to be 9) out standing Races, all of them are held by republicans. From now on I will rate the races every 3 days until I make my final call Probably 2 days before the election. Also all tossups will have a decimal.
Safe/ Strong Dem (55)
VA: Already Called
NM: Already Called
CO: Udall By 11
NH: Shaheen by 9

Lean Dem (59)
MN:Frankan by 5
OR: Merkly by 4
NC: Hagan By 4
AK: Belsige By 3

Tossup/ Tilt Dem (59)

Tossup/ Tilt GOP (41)
GA: Chambliss by 1.67
MS: Wicker by 1.5

Lean GOP (39)
KY: McConnell by 5
TX: Cornyn by 6

Safe GOP (37)

What to watch for:
Momentum is heavy on Martins side in the Georgia senate Race. this race may switch. Wicker will probably stay in a dead heat until election day. also Minnesota is fluid, Frankin may gain another 5-6 points but don't count out a Coleman comeback.

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