Thursday, October 23, 2008

Senate Poll check And Ratings

Safe/ Strong Democrat (55)
VA: Already Called
NM: Already Called
CO: Already called
NH: Shaheen by 8

Lean Democrat (58)
MN: Frankin by 4
OR: Merkly by 6
NC: Hagan by 3

Tilt Democrat (59)
AK: Belesige by 1.5

Special Rating: Lean Run off* (1)
GA: Chambliss by 1.8 or 46-44

Tilt GOP (40)
MS: Wicker by 1.3
KY: McConnell by 2.3

Lean GOP (38)

Safe/ Strong GOP (38)
TX: Cornyn by 15

*- in Georgia if no candidate reaches 50%+1 the race goes to a runoff I see Georgia as leaning in that direction.

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