Friday, October 17, 2008

Presidential Poll check and race Ratings

McCain is in Free Fall!! I am retracting yet another state from him in my final call. this is the 4th state I have been forced to retract. In all of my other final calls I have retracted only 1. Obama should get a few states in my final calls today but let's look at the polls and my Ratings:

Safe/ Strong Obama:
MN: Obama by 9

IA: Already called
NM: Obama by 10
VA: Obama by 8

Lean Obama (349)
CO: Obama by 6
OH: Obama by 5
NV: Obama by 4
FL: Obama by 5
MO: Obama by 4

Tossup/ Tilt Obama(367)
NC: Obama by 2.3
ND: Obama by 1.6

Tossup/ Tilt McCain (171)
WV: McCain by 0.6
IN: McCain by 3.8

Lean McCain (155)
GA: McCain by 7
MT: McCain by 7

Strong/ Safe (137)
All other red states

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