Friday, October 17, 2008

Let's Talk House

I have stopped Rating the house because it gets too confusing. How ever I will make a final call by releasing a list of pickups about 2-3 days before the election. I also want to highlight a few key districts.

Definite pickups
Right now The Democrats have about 9 (IL-11, AZ-1, AK-AL, NY-13, NY-25, VA-11, OH-16, NM-1 and FL-24) definite pickups the GOP only has 2(FL-16 And TX-22). expect these to be on the list unless something drastic happens. If these and only these districts change the house would be 243-192

Other Likely Pickups and Opportunities
The GOP only has 1 pickup opportunity other than the above-mentioned districts; That would be PA-11 which they probably will overtake. their losses will by far out weigh their gains. The Democrats have much more than that: WA-8 and CT-4 have added them selves to the list of districts where democrats are leading. CO-4 ,NC-8, NY-29 and OH-15 are all close to cementing a spot on the list above. If the election were today my guess would be the democrats hold 264-171

Missed GOP Opportunity
Survey USA has put out a poll which has The Democrat well ahead in CA-11. Don't expect it to be on the list. The GOP will not end with more than 185 seats.

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