Friday, October 17, 2008

Governors Poll check And Ratings

I will start to do these as well as ratings on the Senate and Presidency once every three days unless the two outstanding races are Called (they won't be)

Washington: It is now doubtless that Christine Georgie has Climbed back into the lead. The questions are how big is that lead and will it last? My average says it is about 1.3 Points. I doubt Rossi will come back, But you never know. Lean Democrat

North Carolina: No one knows what is going on here. the last few polls don't have a consistent result but Purdue (D) Seems to be winning in more of them. My Average shows her up by 1.5. Tossup/ Tilt Democrat

Strong/ Safe: D 27 R 21
Lean: D 28 R 21
Tilt: D 29 R21

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