Friday, October 31, 2008

New Governors poll check and Ratings

Missouri*- this one has been over for a while. Nixon (D) leads by 17 points. Strong Dem

Indiana*- though people thought this might be competitive for a while it isn't Daniels leads by 16 Strong GOP

Washington*- Though this one tightened after the GOP Convention it looks like the Democrats are going to hold on. Georgie (D) leads by 5.6 Lean Democrat

North Carolina- Purdue Leads by 2.3. I'm not ready to call this one yet but it leans in th democrats Direction. Lean Democrat

*- Already Called

Called: D 28 GOP 21
Strong: D 27 GOP 21
Lean: D 29 GOP 21
Tilt: D 29 GOP 21

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