Saturday, September 13, 2008

Senate election-Final Call- New Jersy- Key Race

NOTE: This is Not a No Brainer but Polling Info Released this week has Lead me to this Decision:

Currant Polls
D) Launtenberg 51%
R) Zimmer 40%

Launtenber Peak (8/11):
Launtenberg 50-32

Zimmer Peak (7/21)
Launtenberg 45-37

Launtenberg Approval: 42%

2002 Results: Launtenberg 54-44

1) The Only Reason Launtenberg has not been Voted out is Because NJ hates The GOP.
2) he was forced to run in 2002 after Torcelli Dropped and was a former senator at the time

Final Call
Launtenberg 56%
Zimmer 44%

X-Dem 51
GOP 37

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