Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Presidential Ratings, final calls and poll check

Strong Obama (229)
MI: Obama by 7
WI: Obama by 7
OR: Obama by 11
IA: Obama by 9
NM: Obama by 8

Lean Obama (182)
MN: Obama by 5
CO: Obama by 7
PA: Obama by 6
VA: Obama by 5

tossup/ tilt Obama (326)
NH: Obama by 1
OH: Obama by 0.6
NV: Obama by 0.8
NC: Obama by 0.3

Tossup/ Tilt McCain (212)
FL: McCain by 0.4
IN: McCain by 0.7
MO: McCain By 2

Lean McCain (163)
WV: McCain by 6

Strong McCain (158)
MT: McCain by 11
ND: McCain by 13

New Final Calls for the presidential Race
For Obama we are now calling Hawaii, Oregon and Newjersey for Obama giving him a total of 179 safe electoral votes

For McCain I am Calling South Dekota, South Carolina and Louisiana giving him a total of 152 Safe Votes

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