Saturday, September 13, 2008

Democrats Officially Predicted to Win more Governors

With Missouri and Indiana Now in the Books The democrats Have Clenched The Senate and the Governors Races. There are Three Out Standing Races

3. Delaware: Still waiting on Polls , Should be called when They Come. Strong Democrat

2. Washington: it's about tied right now once the RNC bounce wears off Georgie Should Have the Advantege. Lean Democrat

1. North Carolina: Right Now it's About a 3 point disadvantage for Purdue. If you figure in the Obama changed electorate and the Waring off of the RNC bounce It should be close to a 1 point advantage for her, Little Room for Error. Tossup/ Tilt Democrat

So the Counts Are:

X-Dems 26
GOP 21

Dems 27
GOP 21

Dems 28
GOP 21

Dems 29
GOP 21

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