Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Presidential Ratings and Poll Check

Here are My new Ratings
Obama 202
McCain 157

Obama 273
McCain 198

And Here it is without tossups:
Obama 306
McCain 232

I Told you I would do these weekly but some big polls have come out today here are my poll checks and Ratings:
Strong Obama (202)
IA: Obama +10
NM: Obama +7

Lean Obama (273)
MN: Obama +2

WI: Obama +3

OR: Obama+10

PA: Obama +3

NH: Obama +6

CO: Obama +6

Tilt Obama (306)

OH: Obama +1

VA: Obama +1

Tilt McCain (232)
IN: McCain +1

NV: McCain +1
NC: McCain+1
MT: McCain +2

Lean McCain (198)
FL: McCain +3

MO: McCain +5
ND: McCain +6

Strong McCain

All other Bush '04 states

Key things To watch for:
1) McCain is capping off in the rust belt states: expect Obama in the next week to 10 days to expand his leads in WI, PA, MN,MI and OH
2) Obama is closing in on making CO a strong state.
3) McCain could be reclaiming the lead in VA soon, Don't hold me to that, VA will be a tossup no matter what.
4) Ignore polls finished before Tuesday.
5) FL and IN will probably flirt between leaning McCain and Being a tossup till election day.

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