Saturday, September 13, 2008

Democrats Officially Predicted Win Senate, Senate No-Brainers Over

After The Senate No-brainer Final Calls ( and Two Others in New Jersey and Kentucky), The Democrats Have Clinched By My Prediction, and We now have 12 Races out.

12. New Mexico: a popular Politicians Son is running for the open seat and has consistently been up by 20-30 Why Haven't I called it? Some Recent Rassmussen's Have the Race within 10, As soon as someone Polls it back to a 10+ point lead I will Immediately Call it. Strong Democrat

11. Texas: Some People saw this race as a slim Democratic Opportunity, But after the GOP Convention Texas is looking More Red. This one Like New Mexico Will Probably be called at the next poll. Strong Republican

10. New Hampshire: This Is looking very Bad for John Sununu. He is down By 10 Points and has been since this race started, He needs to get competitive soon or it's over. Strong Democrat

9. Maine: Collins is Extremely popular and up by 21. Experts think it is going to give but I think not. She Seems as likely as ever to be re-elected Strong Republican

8. Louisiana: Landriue is up by 17 and I don't see that falling. This one will Probably be called at the next poll. Strong Democrat

7.Georgia: Chambliss is up by 8 points but this could begin to swing in Martins Favor, It dosent seen Likely at this point though. My Guess is that it will dance between being safe and Being Competitive. Strong Republican

6. Colorado: since this Seat Has Opened it has been competitive Right now it's Udall By about six (maybe Stronger), Don't expect a call on this any time soon, but Right Now Udall (D) is the Favorate. Lean Democrat

5. Alaska: with Ted Stevens Indictment every thing seemed to be looking great for Belsige (Democrat) but since McCain Picked Palin His Lead Has Shrunk (20-25 to 2-5). Stvens Jump Will Blow Over but it Might take some time.Lean Democrat

4. Misssissippi Class I: Since the resignation of trent Lott This Race has been one of the Most Competitve Right Now his sucsesssor Wicker has about a 5 Point lead but it's in heavy flux Tossup/ Tilt GOP

3. Minnesota: Franken Leads by 1 But that was a Pre-RNC Poll, Right Now Coleman has the Advantege but expect this to be a Race to the Finish. Tossup/ Tilt GOP

2.Oregan: Right Now Merlky Leads Modderate GOP incumbant Gordon smith By about 1. Gordon smith is Liked By Democrats and Tying himself To Obama, But Chafee Lost in '06 Tossup/ Tilt Dem

1. North Carolina: Do me a favor and Ignore the Survey USA and Research 2000 Polls. A side from those there have been two polls since the RNC 1 Democrat and 1 Republican: The GOP Puts Dole Up By 2 The Democrats Put Hagan Up by 1. In short this Race is Tied. If Obama helps Blacks Come out it will really help Hagan in this dead heat. Tossup/ Tilt Dem

Here are the New Numbers

Safe (already called)
Dems 51
GOP 37

Dems 54
GOP 40

Dems 56
GOP 40

Dems 58
GOP 42

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