Sunday, November 2, 2008

Senate Final Call

This is my final prediction on the senate. I will Predict the Presidency tomarrow. If these calls are accurate the senate will have at least 59 Democrats and 40 Republicans with one seat to be decided in a runoff on December 2ed.

AL: Sessions (R) by 32
AK: Begich (D) by 19
AR: Prior (D) by 100 ( unopposed)
CO: Udall (D) by 12
DE: Biden (D) by 40
GA*: Chambliss (R) 47% Martin (D) 45% Buckley (I) 8%
ID: Risch (R) by 21
IL: Durbin (D) by 23
IA: Harkin (D) by 21
KS: Roberts (R) by 24
KY: McConell (R) by 4
LA: Landriue (D) by 13
ME: Collins (R) by 14
MA: Kerry (D) by 19
MI: Levin (D) by 25
MN: Frankin (D) by 3
MS A: Cochran (R) by 20
MS B: Wicker (R) by 9
MT: Bacus (D) by 36
NE: Johanns (R) by 17
NH: Shahhen (D) by 10
NJ: Launtenburg (D) by 19
NM: Udall (D) by 18
NC: Hagan (D) by 6
OK: Inhofe (R) by 14
OR: Merkly (D) by 6
RI: Reed (D) by 61
SC: Graham (R) by 12
SD: Johnson (D) by 29
TN: Alexander (R) by 22
TX: Cornyn (R) by 12
VA: Warner (D) by 31
WV: Rockefeller (D) by 20
WY A: Enzi (R) by 34
WY B: Barosso (R) by 32

*- if no candidate reaches 50%+1 in Georgia the election will be decided on December 2ed in a runoff

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