Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Results

Barack Obama is the President elect Of the United States winning with 364 Electoral Votes to John McCain's 164. Obama Picked up Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Florida and Indiana. His Popular Vote Margin stand at 7 points (53-46). He Broke the Popular Vote Record which Was set in 2004 by Bush (previously Reagan in 1984). His Popular vote Total currently stands at 64.5 Million with 98% in, It Could rise up to 66 Million.

The Senate is still up for grabs. It looks as though the 60 seat Majority is unobtainable but it is not yet impossible. the Senate Currently stands at 57 Democrats 40 Republicans 2 Deadlocked Races (MN and AK) and 1 runoff (GA). The Result in Alaska is not likely to be known until November 21st and Minnesota is not Likely to be known until early December. the Run Off Will be held in Georgia on December 2ed.

The House stands at 255 Democrats 173 Republicans and 7 undecided races in WA-8, CA-4
AK-AL, LA-4, MD-1, VA-5 and OH-15. after this election it is evident that House Polls are far less accurate than Other Polls.

The Democrats won one new Governor's Mansion in Missouri. Beverly Purdue Was elected In North Carolina. In Washington Christine Georgie was able to win re-election Fairly easily. The Governor's Mansions now stand at Democrats 29 Republicans 21.

Airizona (56-44), California(51-49) and Florida (62-38) All passed bans on Gay Marrige. Arizona is interesting because in 2006 a ban on gay Marrige failed. In Califorina Gay Marrige was legal until Tuesday. 3 Law suits have already been Filed against Prop 8. Also In California Prop 4 Failed (52-48), this would have forced Doctors to notify a Minors Parents within 48 hours of an abortion taking place. In Arkansaws Initiative 1 Passed (57-43) which prohibits gay Coupples from adopting Children. South Dekota Refused to put limits on abortion by a vote of 55-45. In Colorado Amenment 48 Passed which states that Life begins at conception. also in Colorado Amendment 46 which would end afirmative action is failing 51-49 but is still too close to call, The Same bill passed in Nebraska (58-42). In Mass. a proposition failed (70-30) which would end state Income tax. Washington Voted to allow Doctor Assisted Souicides by a vote of 59-41. In Michigan Marijana has been Decriminalized by a vote of 63-37. also in Michigan Stem Cell Research passed by a vote of 53-47.