Friday, November 14, 2008

Election Update

Don Young is the Projected Victor in Alaska's lone Congressional district. He is under investigation for corruption and was polling 5-12 points back, I guess his victory can be explained by Sarah Palin's name being on the ballot. This makes The House 257 Democrats to 175 Republicans with 3 Races still out CA-4, LA-4 (which is going to a runoff) and OH-15. The GOP Leads in the two non Runoff races. The Democrats saw more voters in the LA-4 Primary. All 3 of these races could go any way.

And Mark Begich has taken an 814 Vote lead from the Incumbent Senator and Convicted felon Ted Stevens. Five Thirty Eight is confident of a Begich Victory because of where the out standing vote comes from so I am Projecting Mark Begich will Defeat Ted Stevens. This makes the Senate 58-40.

Minnesota's Recount is set to begin next week Coleman leads by 206 but a 300+ Vote swing is very reasonable.

In Georgia the first runoff poll was released today which gives Chambliss a 3 point lead.

60 May be a long shot but it's not nearly dead.

Once Minnsesota (and hopefully some other house races) are called I will grade my final call (which was very accurate).

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