Saturday, November 1, 2008

Governors Final Call

I predict that the new Governor count will be: 29 Democrats 21 Republicans. I predict the results as follows:

UT: Huntsman (R) by 60
ND: Hoeven (R) by 47
IN: Daniels (R) by 12
VT: Dougless (R) by 23 Reaching the 50%+1 Majority with Symington (D) in 2ed
MO:Nixon (D) by 17
NC: Purdue (D) by 3
WA: Georgie (D) by 6
MT: Schweitzer (D) by 26
DE: Markle (D) by 33
WV: Manchin (D) by 39
NH: Lynch (D) by 48

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