Monday, November 3, 2008

election Night Guide

This is my guide and time line on what to watch for tomorrow night


- If Georgia is to close to call 45 Minutes after polls close the GOP is in for a long night.

- If Virginia or North Carolina are called for Obama early in the night the election is over

- If Pennsylvania is particularly close John McCain might have a shot.

- Obama can stand to loose Pennsylvania as long as he wins Ohio

- If Obama is down by 3-10 or less points in Missouri before 80% of the vote is in he will take the state

- If Minnesota is unable to be called within 30 minutes of when polls close McCain might have a shot in the state

- If you see a 13+ point margin for Obama in New Hampshire we are in landslide territory

- California, Oregon or Washington will probably put Obama over 270 at 11 EST/ 8 PST

- if McCain is not ahead at 10 EST/ 7 PST He will Loose

- if Obama is loosing the Popular vote by 5% or less before the west closes he will still win it

- Watch For a reverse Bradly effect in the south.


- If the Democrats loose MN their Hopes of 60 are dead.

- If the Dem's Pull Kentucky off they will reach 60

- As long as Chambliss does not Reach 50% and they win MN it is going to December 2ed

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