Sunday, July 13, 2008

Obama's VP- down to 10

I have been looking at the Obaba leaked short list and have thrown in a few names that people suspect are on there but weren't leaked. there are only 10 people who could possibly be picked. 3 on the short list have said they won't take it (Webb, Strickland and Clinton). A Mark Warner pick would take him out of an important senate battle which could help democrats get to 60. there are a lot of names on there (E.G. Chris Dodd, Bill Nelson, Jack Reed and Evan Bahy) who are in the senate in states that have Republican Governors. so if Obama wins and the democrats get to 60 the Republican governor would get to pick the replacement, therefor the GOP could filibuster. I took off Kaine and Jones because they aren't well known enough, and John Kerry because simply it won't be john Kerry. Here are the 10 possible picks:

On the Confirmed Shortlist:
John Edwards
Tom Daschel
Joe Biden
Kathleen Sabillius
Sam Nunn

on the "widely suspected" Short list:
Bill Richardson
Wes Clark
Bob Graham

Wild Cards:
Chuck Haggle
Russ Fiengold

I am Confident Obama's VP will be one of these 10 names. please tell me what you think of (a) Pick(s) by leaving a comment.

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