Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Obama VP Tournament

In my last post I announced the 10 people who I feel are able to be VP. I am Confident it will be one of those 10 people. well, Inspired by CQ and MSNBC I am having a tournament over the next few days. Because there are 10 names two will have byes in the first round (#1 John Edwards and #2 Joe Biden)
Please vote at the bottom of the page.
Here are my first round Mach ups:

Match up 1
6.Sam Nunn
7.Russ Fiengold

Match up 2
4.Bob Graham
9.Chuck Haggle

Match Up 3
3.Tom Daschel
10.Bill Richardson

Matchup 4
5.Kathleen Sabillius
8.Wes Clark

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