Saturday, December 29, 2007

2008 presidental count down 5 days

5 days to Iowa. I have no news from Iowa or New Hampshire. Here are my rankings(witch stand from yesterday):

2. Huccabee
(tier separation)

The entire republican nomination can come down to the Wyoming Convention witch we know little to nothing about. if any of the top 3 take it they may be well on their way to the nomination.
here is the primary schedule
Iowa 1/3 ( this Thursday)*
Wyoming 1/5 (Republicans only) (this Saturday)^
New Hampshire 1/8 (Next Tuesday)
Michigan 1/15 (Democrats striped it of it's delegates)
Nevada 1/19 *
South Carolina 1/19 (Republicans only)
South Carolina 1/26 (Democrats only)
Florida 1/29 (Democrats striped it of it's delegates)
Super Tuesday 2/5

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