Sunday, August 3, 2008

Obama VP's - Down to four (Three Really)

he shortlist has been leaked and there are four names left on it:

4. Sen. Evan Bahy (D-IN)

Now the only thing I know about the selection at this point is that it will not be Evan Bahy for two Reasons. 1) He's boring 2) If Obama wins and the Democrats get to 60 the governor of Indiana (Likely to remain Republican) will choose his replacement which means The GOP could Filibuster. Bahy will not be the choice

3.Gov. Tim Kane (D-VA)

At first when making my list, of 10 and then 7, I took off Tim Kane because I thought he was not well known enough. Obama think different. Kane is extremely charismatic and Powerful. Kane would be an excellent counter to the now likely McCain Pick of Eric Cantor. Kane could help bring Virginia and maybe North Carolina.

2. Gov. Kathleen Sabillius (D-KS)

Sabillius is a good choice. She could help with some Clinton supporters who wanted to see a woman in office. She makes it harder for McCain to use the Experience argument against Obama. She is fully able to be Vice President. She Can help in the Midwest, in states like MT, ND, SD, CO, IA, MO NM and NV. However, she is a risky choice. Racism and Sexism could prove difficult to overcome. The McCain Campaign could still bash them on foreign policy.

1. Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE)

I feel Biden is the by far the best choice Obama has. He is the one of the most qualified people in politics to be Vice President. He brings foreign policy experience. He has been a major critic of Bush and his Cronies. He will make almost every one more likely to vote for Obama. He is Respected by almost every one, he has a high approval rating. some people say he doesn't help with the map but I dis agree. I see him helping in states Like MN,MI,WI,PA,OH,VA and CO. I think Biden will help make all Democrats and Liberal Independents feel better and make them More Likely to Vote. I feel Biden should, and is likely to be the VP.

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