Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obama VP Final Call

Obama is set to announce his VP Friday in an e-mail and formally announce it Saturday. I am Calling it today. Obama's VP short list Consist of: Evan Bahy, Tim Kaine, Kathleen Sabillius and Joe Biden. If my Final Call is Accurate Obama Will Pick...............

Joe Biden

Before Looking at why Biden is qualified lets look at why the others won't be picked.

Sabillius Lacks Foreign Policy experience and is a woman. Sexism and Racism on the same ticket will not be good for the democratic party. She also Lacks Charisma and won't help much (if at all) in the mid west.

Bahy, Where to start. For one he has zero charisma. He is planning a possible 2012 or 2016 run and Obama said "I don't want someone who wants to be president some day. He is considered by many to be a DINO (Democrat In Name Only). He would hurt the democrats chances of getting 60 seats in November (GOP Governor appoints GOP Replacement if he is elected.) Bahy will not be the choice.

Now that leaves us with two: Tim Kane and Joe Biden

Let's Talk Kaine


1) Mark Warner is giving the Keynote address at the Democratic convention.

2) Kaine has a chance of being President

3) Kaine is Pro-Life

4) No Experience


5) Kaine Helps in Virginia and North Carolina.

6) Kaine is Charismatic

7) Kaine Endorsed Obama Early

Now let's look at Biden

1) Runs his mouth off a bit much

2) Relates to Common people

3) would help all through the upper Midwest.

4) Strong Foreign policy credentials

5) engineered The Best Iraq plan there is

6) one of the biggest Bush Critics

7) Great speaker

8) Reagan/Kennedy-esq sense of humor

Biden has a net of +6 to Kaine's -1. Kaine could be the choice but right now all odds favor Biden.

These are the odds I would give to Obama's VP choices
Biden 95%
Kaine 4%
Other 1%

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