Saturday, March 22, 2008

Missippi Results, Ahead Pennslvania and beyond, Intro to "all politics is Local"

In Mississippi McCain Won as expected with 79% of the vote against Ron Paul and Allen Keyes. For the Democrats:
Obama 61% (19)
Clinton 37% (14)
I was expecting a 20-13 split. Obama's post 3-4 Wins show that he still has the momentum. The Rev. Right story is starting to blow over so that will be lost in the news by Penn.

I am looking ahead to the rest of the democratic contest. Obama should win IN, NC, OR,MT and SD While Clinton Will win WV and PA. KY is a tossup right now. however the fact remains Obama is the presumtive nominee. the real question in play is how long will Hillary keep Obama from Campaigning against McCain? I expect her to drop out on May 6th, The day of NC and IN.

I am now going to spend the next few weeks in a series. it is called "all politics is local". In this I will go through the US region by region and observe the races in the House, Senate, Governors and Presidential Race. The Regions are: New England, The Mid Atlantic, The South, The Industrial Midwest, The South west, The Upper Mid west, the Pacific rim and the other Two (AK & HI).

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